APBnet Is A Valuable Information Sharing Tool For Law Enforcement

The APBnet Law Enforcement Alert System enables any officer, in minutes, to build a color photo bulletin and electronically distribute it to the precise people and organizations desired. Since 1995, APBnet (formerly TRAK and Critical Reach) has proven to:

  • Close more cases more quickly
  • Generate immediate leads
  • Enhance officer safety
  • Lower costs
  • Build safer communities
  • Establish needed information sharing between jurisdictions

 Now APBnet includes PhotoSearch, allowing officers to search the database of 650,000+ bulletins to find likely matches for a source photo.

Established by nonprofit Critical Reach, APBnet has been developed by and for law enforcement. This law enforcement asset is supported exclusively by very modest annual support fees paid by agencies using it, making it available to all law enforcement agencies nationwide at very nominal cost.

APBnet is a proven, flexible, and easy-to-use tool valuable for officers on the full range of criminal and community safety cases. APBnet uniquely connects Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies so information and images can be shared across jurisdictional lines faster than criminals. APBnet puts a face to the dangers officers face daily and uniquely enables jurisdictions to work together effectively.

With over 1,400 agencies using the tool and over 150 million photo bulletins distributed, the APBnet law enforcement alert system is in its 4th generation of constantly improving technology and performance. It has become an indispensable tool for police agencies of all types and sizes.