What Is APBnet?

APBnet is a photo bulletin alert system used by law enforcement on virtually any type of case or community safety event. It is a software application that is installed on a Windows PC and designed for non-technical law enforcement officers. 

APBnet enables officers to quickly create photo bulletins in many different template formats and then distribute the bulletin to any number of recipients using the APBnet address book of recipients. The recipients are selected by the user for each bulletin based upon who they are (law enforcment agencies, community segments, etc.) and where they are (city, county, state)--allowing for precise distribution of information to the people and agencies that need it. APBnet also allows users to search the database of previous bulletins transmitted for investigative clues.

APBnet has been used since 1995, has over 1,700 installations and has distributed over 40 million alerts. It has proven to save lives, help close more cases more quickly, enhance officer safety and build safer communities.

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