How Is APBnet Typically Deployed Within An Individual Police Agency?

It is common for each investigative unit at a department to install APBnet, either on a shared system for all users or on each officer's computer or laptop. Often dispatch installs APBnet to provide 24-hour coverage for alerts sent by other police agencies. Command staff often utilizes APBnet as well. Each agency can decide the most effective implementation of the tool for their department, and it is easy to add new installations as the use and value of the tool rise.

A single user can install APBnet on multiple devices, such as a desktop, laptop, home computer and tablet. This ensures that the Bulletin Stream related to that user is readily available to the officer in all locations and on all devices.

A workstation shared by multiple users can have a separate APBnet installation for each user logon.

The agency can decide to deploy APBnet via their own servers as a hosted application. We will work with agency technical personnel to set up this type of agency deployment if desired.

For more information go to our Documents page and download the APBnet Deployment Flexibility document.

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