How Is APBnet Typically Deployed Within A Region?

The benefits of APBnet are dramatically multiplied when it is deployed by many law enforcement agencies within a region. In our dense regions of deployment such as New Jersey, Northern Illinois, California and Houston, bulletins are shared between Federal agencies (FBI, DEA, ICE, etc.), State agencies (State Police, AG's Office, Parole/Probation, University/College PD's, Transportation PD's, Mental Services PD's etc), County agencies (Sheriff, Parole/Probation, Coroner, DA Investigations, etc.) and Municipal agencies. It has proven to be a dynamic and powerful shared tool that delivers substantial results to all regional and statewide participants.

In new regions, a single agency can get the process started by installing APBnet and then beginning to send color photo bulletins to other agencies in the region via their email addresses. These other agencies will soon wonder how they can send their own bulletins and connect with other police agencies. It's so easy to install and use that regional momentum can develop quickly and easily.

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