About The APBnet Law Enforcement Alert System

Critical Reach, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has developed and deployed APBnet in close partnership with our law enforcement users. As a result, it has become the nation's leading real-time law enforcement photo-bulletin alert system linking Federal, State, County and Municipal jurisdictions.

Founded in 1994, Critical Reach partnered with Hewlett Packard and AT&T to develop  technology that enables any officer, in minutes, to build and distribute color photo bulletins to the precise law enforcement and community recipients required for any type of case. Today, APBnet is an established law enforcement asset funded exclusively by modest annual support fees paid by police agencies using the tool and recognizing its unique value.

A Shared Tool Delivers Proven Results

Recognizing the need for a shared tool that links the nation's 17,600 independent Federal, State, County and Municipal police jurisdictions, our nonprofit business model has delivered a proven, cost-effective investigative tool that saves lives, solves crimes, reduces costs, enhances officer safety and builds safer and more connected communities. 

Success Has Driven Expansion

The success of APBnet, originally known as TRAK and Critical Reach, has led to over 1,200 installations nationwide, the nation's largest shared law enforcement photo bulletin alert system. It is used daily by Federal law enforcement (FBI, DEA), State police agencies, County Sheriffs and Municipal law enforcement. It is valuable for some of the nation's largest law enforcement agencies and for agencies with fewer than 5 officers.

APBnet is deployed statewide in New Jersey as their state alert system and is integrated into their Amber Alert protocol.

APBnet is the 4th generation of technology for this remarkable investigative tool and is packed with new features that further enhance its value to law enforcement.  We continue to work with our law enforcement partners to improve the tool to help them close cases and safeguard their communities.

Did You Know?

Each year, APBnet's 11,000+ users  distributed over 10 million photo alerts. Since inception, over 100 million color bulletins have been transmitted electronically between APBnet installations, via email and by fax.

Common Case Uses

A few of the most common types of cases for which APBnet has proven valuable include:

--Missing Person/Child
--Wanted Person
--Attempt To Identify
--Stolen Property
--Officer Safety Bulletin

Sample Bulletin: