The APBnet Alert & Information Sharing System

When every police agency in a region is "doing their own thing" in creating crime alerts, BOLOs and inter-jurisdictional responses, a great deal is lost. A shared tool that allows real-time information sharing with all agencies in the region is far more effective.

APBnet is a proven investigative and information sharing tool valuable to police agencies of all sizes on virtually any type of case or event. And now photo matching searches of the database of bulletins using a source photo adds even more value.

Unique Value

Our users tell us there is nothing available to them that does what APBnet does.

  • Connectivity To Other Jurisdictions: When Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies communicate APBnet bulletins with each other, more criminals are arrested, more cases are closed, officer safety is enhanced and costs are reduced.  
  • Officer Safety: bulletins with officer safety impact receive higher visibility and broad, instantaneous distribution. Officers put a face on the danger they face from their own and other communities.
  • Speed, Access, Convenience: Any officer, any type of case with foolproof results in minutes. No waiting, no specialized software only a few can use, no wasting of time when every second counts.
  • Lower Costs: Generate leads, build effective case responses, connect with other agencies and the community in minutes at no incremental cost.
  • Connectivity To The Community: the ability to quickly send photo-alerts to schools, banks, businesses, transportation centers or other segments of the community helps solve cases, safeguards the community, and enhances the partnership between law enforcement and its constituents.

Built By And For Officers Working Cases

APBnet was designed and built by law enforcement for use by non-technical police officers. Nonprofit Critical Reach is supported exclusively by modest annual support fees paid by using agencies, making APBnet a valuable law enforcement asset.

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Flexible for high value on any type of case
  • Complete officer control over who receives bulletins
  • Search years of bulletins (700,000+) for investigative leads
  • Receive alerts from other agencies to stay to stay informed

Affordable For Any Size Police Agency

Critical Reach is a trusted non-profit partner to law enforcement. We are supported only by modest annual support fees paid by agencies using APBnet that recognize its unique value. Our goal is to maximize adoption of APBnet by minimizing cost to users. This user funded nonprofit model has makes APBnet unlike any other law enforcement tool and puts powerful technology into the hands of officers working cases at any size agency.

Six Months Free Trial Offer

With over 25 years of service to over 1,400 law enforcement agencies, and 11,000+ officer users, we're confident that your agency will find APBnet to be useful and cost-effective tool. We'll let you download and install APBnet and use it for six months with no cost or obligation.

We encourage you to get other agencies in your region involved in a trial program so you can learn together how valuable a shared tool can be.

Why not get started today?


Lake Forest PD

"I have used APBnet on numerous cases. I've only had 2 bulletins sent that did not generate a response. It allows our agency to communicate with other agencies to ask for help, share case information, or help on their cases. Today, it is a standard part of any investigation."
                   Det. M. Senger


Sample Bulletin


Menlo Park PD

"APBnet has been used to prepare numerous bulletins warning about stalkers, wanted suspects and active child molesters. All the officers are truly impressed with the system. One officer who, until APBnet arrived, refused to deal with computers. He is now one of its biggest fans."
                  Chief Bruce Cumming