New Technology Adds Value

APBnet's newest version delivers enhanced value to law enforcement:

  • Officer Safety: high visibility and broad distribution of officer safety bulletins in real time.
  • Associate maps with bulletins; Attach PDF files with bulletin distributions.
  • Bulletin Search: bulletins since June 2009 (700,000+) can be searched for investigative leads; quick and easy access to all bulletins in any geography and date range desired;
  • New Bulletin Templates: 1-image covers full page, 12, 16 and 20 image templates for Most Wanted, Property.
  • Greater User Control: define processing of incoming alerts for each bulletin type, integrated access to the address book of bulletin recipients, easy setup to receive bulletins by email;
  • Enhanced Internals: easier to install and support, increased security, reliability and scalability, faster bulletin processing;

We Need Your Help

The only way APBnet can reach its potential as a shared law enforcement alert system is with your help and participation. The only way to significantly expand deployment and speed up broader adoption is for current users to share their enthusiasm for APBnet to their peers. Every user benefits when a new user is added to the network.

Here are valuable ways you can help:

  • Use online law enforcement forums and chat rooms to introduce APBnet to new agencies (send them to;
  • Present APBnet at national and regional meetings and conferences;
  • Finish Your County: Identify agencies in your County that should install APBnet to strengthen the deployment--DA Investigations, Parole, Probation, Coroner, Federal Agencies, School and Transportation Police, Parks, etc.
  • "Next County Over": Criminals pay no attention to jurisdictional lines, so make sure the nearby counties hear about APBnet and become part of the deployment--to get started, just put their emails in the address book so they start to receive bulletins--they will soon understand how valuable the tool is and will want to create and send alerts;
  • Communicate With Us: Write a testimonial, share a success story, share best practices or unique uses of the system that work for you, tell us how we can improve APBnet or serve as a reference for prospective new agencies to contact.

If each APBnet user puts just a little effort into helping us improve the product and expand deployment, the value of the tool will increase exponentially.


New Version Highlights

--Enhanced distribution and visibility of Officer Safety bulletins

--Incorporate a map related to a bulletin

-- Attach a PDF file to the bulletin

--New templates