New Version Highlights For APBnet

In 2018, Critical Reach is releasing a new version of APBnet on a regional basis.  This new version includes the following enhancements:

  • Officer Safety: increased functionality and visibility related to officer safety bulletins. The bulletin creator can quickly identify a bulletin as having officer safety content, which causes increased distribution and higher visibility of the bulletin.
  • Maps: bulletin creators can now quickly incorporate a map related to the bulletin.
  • Attach PDFs: bulletin creators can now attach a PDF file to a bulletin.
  • New Templates: a new single image template that incorporates the entire body of the bulletin; new 12, 16 and 20 image templates which are ideal for "Most Wanted" posters, property images, and other applications.
  • New Bulletin Type: a new bulletin type for Other Messages (non case/crime information such as training) with the FYI bulletin type now reserved for Police Information
  • Other Enhancements: multi-state search function, support for multiple image formats, and enhanced communications with bulletin creators.

To learn more about the new version, review the document below:


APBnet New Release Enhancements 03-18 APBnet New Release Enhancements 03-18 (400 KB)

New In 2018

The new version of APBnet  released in 2018 provides important new function related to Officer Safety and how Officer Safety Bulletins are quickly and easily communicated and highlighted for immediate visibility.

We've also added many new templates to meet the requests of our users. Plus, in this version it will be quick and easy to incorporate maps into bulletins.

If you have an idea for how APBnet can be improved in the future, please pass it along.


Sample Bulletin: